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SafeBlue illuminator System, MBE-150


The SafeBlue series and BluView Series are designed for wide range of application. The system emits blue LED light which allows you to view your DNA/RNA bands without worrying about harmful UV damage samples. SafeBlue Illuminator could also be used as a simple blue light illuminator to cut your samples from gels.

MS05_SafeBlue Electrophoresis System MBE-150-PLUS * Marketing video

  • Innovative - a complete 4-in-1 system (run, view, capture and cut gel) with simple and easy setup on the image capture/analysis software.
  • Convenient - run as you see, real-time visualization on your DNA/RNA band migration
  • Compact - footprint smaller than most UV transilluminator, easy to move and ideal for limited benchtop space
  • Safe - 470nm blue light less invasive than UV light
  • Flexible - UV tray adaptors available, compatible with MJ-105A
  • Versatile - support gel trays 150x150mm or smaller
  • Optimized performance - SYBR series DNA/RNA stains, Novel Juice and Midori Green series
  • Simple - DNA/RNA recovery method

MBE-150 includes:

1 x SafeBlue Illuminator

1 x Power adaptor

1 x Power cord

Cat. No. MBE-150
Output Voltage / Inc. 10-150V / 1V
Output Current / Inc. 10-300mA / 1mA
Max. Power 30W
Operating Mode Constant Voltage or Current
Timer 999 (min) with alarm / Continuous
Safety Device No load detection
Crossover Yes
Blue Light Wavelength 470nm
Operating Temperature Ambient to 40°
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 11.5"x7.9"x3.2" (293x200x80mm)
Weight Approx. 2.4lb (1.1kg)
Material Polycarbonate housing and aluminum base plate
Power Adaptor Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.4A
Output: 15VDC, 4.0A, 60W max.
Cat. No. Product Description
MBE-150 SafeBlue Illuminator
Cat. No. Product Description
MBE-TANK ME15 Tank for SafeBlue without Lid and Red/Black Cable
MBE-LID-Y1 MBE-150 Lid,yellow
MBE-150-CABLE Threaded Black and Red Electrophoresis Cable
MBE-TANK-01 120x155mm, shiny black protective film
MBE-150-02 165x140x19mm, Acrylics, cutting platform
MBE-150-3 Base unit platform protective film
ME15-UV15-TH01 ME15-UV15 Tray Holder, 2 cuts, cut size 109.5x60.5mm(For MJ-105 Trays)
ME15-UV15-TH02 ME15-UV15 Tray Holder, 1 cuts, cut size 130.5x122.5mm
MBE-G-Y1 Amber filter viewing glasses, 560nm
MST-50 Major Blue 50 µl
MST-1000 Major Blue 1000 µl

* For more information of MBE-IMG-CA/CM, please refer to SafeBlue Imager System.

Comparison table for various nucleic acid stain performance

Nucleic Acid Stain Performance Experimental Protocol
Pre-staining Post Staining Sample Staining
Major Blue Excellent    
SYBR® Green I (DNA) Excellent
SYBR® Green II (RNA) Excellent  
SYBR® Gold Excellent  
Midori Green Driect Excellent    
Hydra Green™ Safe DNA Dye Excellent  
HD Green™ DNA Stain Excellent  
Novel Juice Excellent    
SafeView DNA Stain Good    
SYBR® Safe Good  
Midori Green Good  
Midori Green Advanced Good  
Serva DNA Stain Clear G Good  
GelGreen ™ Good  
GelRed ™ NR  
Ethidium Bromide NR  
HealthView ™ NR    

* NR= Not recommended *

Innovative Electrophoresis System

  • 1. Early detection of running error (run as you see)
  • 2. No more gel-transfer, gloves free!
  • 3. Saves you time for gel staining & destaining
  • 4. Compact in size (no large lab area required)

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SafeBlue illuminator System, MBE-150

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