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20L Stirring Water Bath, SWB-20L series


20L Stirring Water Bath series is large water bath design, 20L capacity can fit for bottle, beaker and as well as Erlenmeyer flasks up to 2 liter. 20L Stirring Water Bath contains two models, SWB-20L-1 is equipped with one stirring mechanism and SWB-20L-3 is equipped with three stirring mechanisms. SWB-20L is an advanced model, designed for a higher capability of experimental demand. Optional software for data recording in real time through a PC is also available.

Compatible Bottle of SWB -20L -3, the size of different brand bottle may vary slightly. Please refer the following table as reference only.

  ≤500ml 1L 2L
3 3 2
(position 1 & position 3)
3 2
(position 1 & position 3)
(position 1 & position 3)*
3 3 2
(position 1 & position 3)

** Teflon Stir Bar, Cylindrical, L≤60 mm.

* When 2L Erlenmeyerflask is applied, it may be too high for thelid of water bath to put on.

MS07_Stirring Water Bath SWB-10L / SWB-20L * Marketing video

MS07_Stirring Water Bath SWB-10L / SWB-20L

  • Microprocessor control with digital performance for precise, accurate control
  • Built-in magnetic stirring mechanism for water agitation, water temperature uniformity and medium solution mixing
  • Stirring speed control
  • LCD screen shows temperature and timer simultaneously
  • User temperature calibration
  • Safety device: warning indication on screen to avoid overheating and automatic shut down
  • Multiple stirring mechanism capability
  • Data Logging software available

Max. Capability:
15 sets of 250ml flasks
8 sets of 500ml flasks

Temp. Set Value : 65 oC

Initial Temp. Value : 17 oC

Water Volume : 12 liters

Process Time : approx. 60mins

Concave lid design allows condensation flow back to the tank. Side opening of the lid to allow minimum evaporation while maintaining water bath temperature. Water Circulation Function
Magnetic Agitator
Stir bar
at. No. SWB-20L-1 SWB-20L-3
Number Of Stirring Mechanisms 1 3
Stirring Speed 400-1500rpm (measured by percentage)
Bath Capacity Approx. 5.28gal (20L)
Water Circulation Function Yes
Display LCD
Heating Power 800W
Controller Digital microprocessor controller
Bath Temperature 5° above ambient to 99°
Temperature Increment 0.1°
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2° at 37°
Temperature Calibration Yes
Timer 99 (hr): 59 (min) / Continuous
Safety Device Warning indication on screen with alarm and automatic shut down
Operating Temperature Ambient to 40°
Bath Tank Material 304 stainless steel
Bath Inner Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 11.8"x19.7"x5.9" (300x500x150mm)
Dimension (WxLxH) (without lid) Approx. 13"x21.3"x9.5" (330x540x240mm)
Rear Drainage Port Yes
Material Painted iron metal
Lid Material Polycarbonate with stainless steel handle
Communication Port RS232
Weight Approx. 30.9lb (14kg)
Rated Voltage 10V / 220V~
Cat. No. Product Description
SWB-20L-1-110 / 220 20L Stirring Water Bath with 1 built-in stirring mechanism, lid included
SWB-20L-3-110 / 220 20L Stirring Water Bath with 3 built-in stirring mechanism, lid included
Cat. No Product Description
SWB-LID20 Transparent lid for 20L Stirring Water Bath
SWB-RS232 RS 232 cable for data logging
SWB-DLSW Data Logging software package
SWB-DLSW-R Data Logging software package, include a RS 232 cable

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20L Stirring Water Bath, SWB-20L series

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