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MS Orbital Shaker, MS-NOR-30/MS-NOR-3001


Three different shaking motions of MS Shaker series is provided for many purposes in chemical and life sciences laboratories. The Orbital Shaker digitally controls clockwise and/or counter-clockwise orbits to create superb mixing efficiency. The Orbital Shaker provides continuous or timed operation with integral electronic timer, LED display, audible signal for automatic switch-off timed control, interchangeable/stacking platforms. The Orbital Shaker can hold up to 10kg.

For Anti-moisture model

The Major Svience Anti-moisture Shaker series offers the same capabilities as our original Major Svience shaker series with moisture protection coating. The moisture protection allows you to operate the shaker in cold-room or low temperature environment. An anti-moisture coating is applied on the electrical structure to minimize and prevent the forming of condensation when operating in & out of the cold room. Standard features and accessories from the Major Svience shaker series apply to all three different models.

MS09_ MS Waver Shaker MW-23 * Marketing video

MS09_MS Orbital Shaker MS-NOR-30

  • Continuous one way orbital shaking or two ways clockwise/counter-clockwise orbital shaking
  • Continuous or timed operation with auto shut-off
  • Variable shaking speed up to 200rpm for MS-NOR-30
  • Variety of accessories available
  • Max. 22.0lb (10kg) loading capacity for MS-NOR-30
  • Special anti-moisture coating allows smooth operation in cold room environment or CO2 incubation
  • Optional 300x300mm platform available for your selection.

Platform capability of Flask Holders

Flask Max. set of flask holder
50ml 13
125ml 12
250ml 9
500ml 5
1000ml 4
2000ml 1
Cat. No. MS-NOR-30 /(MS-NOR-3001**)
Motion Orbital
Moving Feature Orbital action in one direction or two directions
Bi-directional Shaking 0.1 - 10 circle / 0.1 circular increment
Maximum Tilt Angle N / A
Maximum Stroke Length 20mm
Controller Digital microprocessor controller
Speed/Inc. 0 - 200rpm / 1rpm
Timer 9999 (min) with alarm / Continuous
Loading Capacity 22.0lb (10kg)
Motor Stepping motor
Operating Temperature Ambient to 40°
Platform Dimension (WxL) Approx. 1.2"x1.2" (300x300mm)
Platform Material Painted iron metal
Stacking Platform Yes
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 11.8"x12.2"x5.1" (300x310x130mm)
Material ABS and Painted iron metal
Weight Approx. 15.4lb (7.0kg)
Rated Voltage 110V / 220V~ selectable; 50/60Hz; 0.63A
Cat. No. Product Description
MS-NOR-30 MS Orbital Shaker with 300x300mm platform and flat non-slip rubber mat, 110V/ 220V~
MS-NOR-3001 MS Orbital anti-moistured shaker with 300x300mm platform and flat non-slip rubber mat, 110V/220V~

Special coating allows anti-moisture for cold room operation

Cat. No Product Description
MW-SP Strip springs (pack of 2), 265mms
MS-P3030 Additional 300x300mm platform with attachable 100mm pillars 8pcs and flat non-slip rubber mat
MS-DIMPLED-30 300x300mm dimpled mat
MS-FLAT-30 Non-slip rubber mat 300x300mm
MS-UP-30 Universal adjustable platform, 300x300mm (Maximum capacity: 2x2Lflasks)
PPL-04-SI-SI-200-3 Sticky Pad 200x200mm
SI-200-08 Flask Holder, 50ml
SI-200-09 Flask Holder, 125ml
SI-200-10 Flask Holder, 250ml
SI-200-11 Flask Holder, 500ml
SI-200-12 Flask Holder, 1000ml
SI-200-13 Flask Holder, 2000ml
SI-200-13 Flask holder, 2000 ml 1

Flask holder
Cat. No.: SI-200-08~13
*MS-UP-30 is compatible with MS-NRK, MS-NRC and MS-NOR series.

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MS Orbital Shaker, MS-NOR-30/MS-NOR-3001

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