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MS Hybridization Shaking Oven, MO-AOR (Orbital)


Major Science Hybridization Shaking Oven is the advanced version of Major Science Oven. The Major Science Hybridization Shaking Oven are designed to equip with built-in rotisserie function and embedded with orbital shaking platform. Major Science Hybridization Shaking Oven is ideal for nucleic acid hybridization and incubation such as Southern, Northern, and Western blot. Full accessories are also available upon request to meet different applications.

MS08_ Hybridization Shaking Oven, Orbital MO-AOR MO-AOR-02 * Marketing video

MS08_MS Hybridization Shaking Oven, Orbital MO-AOR MO-AOR-02

  • Built-in rotisserie function
  • Orbital/ Rocking shaking motion
  • Large touch screen: 3.5” color display
  • Temperature uniformity and accuracy: ±0.2°C at 37°C
  • Broad temperature control range: ambient +5°C to 85°C
  • User temperature calibration
  • Safety door switch
  • Timer with alarm function
  • Power failure auto recovery
  • Sturdy, stackable construction
Cat. No. MO-AOR
Display 3.5" 64K color TFT display
Controller 32-bits Microprocessor
Control Interface Touch screen & graphical interface
Rotisserie Function Yes
Rotisserie Speed / Inc. 5 - 100rpm / 1rpm
Timer 9999 (min) with alarm / Continuous
Shaker Motion Orbital clockwise / counterclockwise
Shaker Speed 0 - 200rpm
Temperature Control Range Ambient +5°C to 85°C
Temperature Increment 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.2°C at 37°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.2°C at 37°C
User Temperature Calibration Yes
Inner Chamber Dimensions (WxLxH) Approx. 13.4"x8.9"x10.2" (340x225x260mm)
Inner Chamber Volume Approx. 5.28gal (20L)
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 17.4"x18.2"x17.8" (442x462x452mm)
Platform (WxL) Approx. 10.6"x7.9" (270x200mm)
Data Logging RS-232
Weight Approx. 63.9lb (29kg)
Rated Voltage 110 / 220V~ 50 / 60Hz (Selectable)
Construction Painted iron metal with ABS front door
Safety Device Safety door switch
Thermal safety switch
Auto shut off upon fan failure
Power failure auto recovery
Rotisserie Function N/A Yes Yes
Rotisserie Speed / Inc. N/A 5-100rpm / 1rpm 5-100rpm / 1rpm
Shaker Motion N/A Orbital clockwise /
Shaker Speed N/A 0-200rpm 5-100rpm

*To perform rocking motion, the optional accessories, MO-SEESAW is required.

Max. set of flask holder
50ml 8 5
125ml 8 5
250ml 5 5
500ml 2 1
Cat. No. Product Description
MO-AOR MS Hybridization/Orbital Shaking Oven (without rotisserie),110 / 220V~
Cat. No Product Description
MO-HY-8RT 40mm tube rotisserie for 8 tubes
MO-HY-16RT 50ml conical tube rotisserie for 16 tubes
MO-HY-24RT 15ml conical tube rotisserie for 24 tubes
MO-P2320 Additional 230x200mm platform (with 4 of 100mm pillars)
SI-200-08 Flask Holder, 50ml
SI-200-09 Flask Holder, 125ml
SI-200-10 Flask Holder, 250ml
SI-200-11 Flask Holder, 500ml
MO-BT40x150 Glass tube 40x150mm (diameter x length)
MO-BT40x200 Glass tube 40x200mm (diameter x length)
MO-BT40x300 Glass tube 40x300mm (diameter x length)

Flask holder
Cat. No.: SI-200-08~11

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MS Hybridization Shaking Oven, MO-AOR (Orbital)

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