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Mini Dry Bath Blocks, MD-MINI/MC-0203


The Mini Dry Bath Blocks are designed for both mini heating or cooling dry bath incubators. The precisely machined aluminum alloy blocks deliver efficient heat transfer and are suitable for PCR tubes in strip and various size of test tubes and centrifuge tubes ranging from 0.2ml to 50ml.

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  • Precisely CNC machined aluminum alloy blocks
  • R -curve edged block design
  • Through Sand Blast Anodizing Surface treatment, it ensure a nice & smooth surface block with a longer durability
  • Laser marked on the selected blocks
Cat. No. Mini Dry Bath Blocks
Used for MD Mini, Mini Cooler
Block lifter included
Block material Aluminum alloy
Dimension (WxLxH) 1.85"x2.8"x1.26" (47x71x32mm) for MD-MINI-B01/02/05/06/07
1.85"x2.8"x2.95" (47x71x75mm) for MD-MINI-B03/04
Weight Approx. 0.5lb (0.24kg)for MD-MINI-B01/02/05/06/07
Approx. 1.0lb (0.46kg) for MD-MINI-B03/04
Block lifter well Yes
Thermometer well Yes
Cat. No. Product Description
Mini Dry Bath Blocks MD-MINI-B01 For 0.2ml tube (PCR strip tube), 32 wells, ⌀6.35mm, depth 17mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B02 For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, ⌀10.88mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm)
MD-MINI-B03 For 15ml tube, 6 wells, ⌀17.3mm, depth 70mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x75mm
MD-MINI-B04 For 50ml tube, 2 wells, ⌀29.0mm, depth 70mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x75mm
MD-MINI-B05 For 0.5ml tube, 12 wells, ⌀7.9mm, depth 25mm,(WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B06 For 2.0ml or 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, ⌀11.0mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B07 For 2.0ml or 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, ⌀11.0mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MS-BL95-E Block Lifter, 95mm length with E-type retaining rings

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Mini Dry Bath Blocks, MD-MINI/MC-0203

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