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Mini Cooling Dry Bath Incubator, MC-0203


The Mini Heating Dry Bath Incubator incorporates innovative ideas of compactness, performance and versatility. This palm-sized yet powerful device is designed to maximize benchtop space and enhance research productivity with ultra-precise temperature control. The interchangeable ability of heating blocks in various size permits accommodation of versatile tube sizes. Moreover, turn it into a water bath or bead bath with optional metallic thermal beads.

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  • Small size, fits in your palm
  • User temperature calibration
  • Single molded chamber, no cracks or welds
  • PTFE coated chamber resists stains
  • Can be used as a mini water bath or bead bath
  • Outstanding heating and cooling rate
  • Different sizes of aluminum alloy block available for selection
  • Clear cover to ensure temperature uniformity
  • Quick start / Constant mode / programmable mode / Annealing program operation mode
  • Optional in car power adaptor provides portability on the road
with block with water with beads
  • Temp. set value: -6°C
  • Initial temp. value: 20.6°C
  • Block type: MD-MINI-B02
  • Process time: Approx. 20mins
  • Temp. set value: 100°C
  • Initial temp. value: 9°C
  • Block type: MD-MINI-B02
  • Process time: Approx. 20mins

Annealing Program

  • Initial Temp. 95.0°C
  • Descending Temp. 5.0°C
  • Holding Time. 5 sec
  • Final Temp. 4.0°C
Cat. No. MC-0203
Display LCD
Power max. 60W
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 5.3"x6"x7.3" (135x152x185mm) (excluding lid)
Controller High performance 32 bits microprocessor
Heating chamber Molded waterproof aluminum alloy coated with PTFE
Temperature control range 30°C below ambient temperature (minimum -10°C) to 100°C
Temperature Increment 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.2°C at 37°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.2°C at 37°C
Temperature Calibration 99 (hr): 59 (min) / Continuous
Heating Rate Max. 5°C per min
Cooling Rate Max. 4°C per min
Timer 9999 (min)
Cooling/ Heating Parts Peltier / Heating element
Operation Mode Constant operation: constant temperature (-10°C to 100°C)
Program operation: 1-4 steps and up to 9 cycles
Annealing program
Quick start program: 4°C, 16°C, 37°C, 56°C, 95°C pre-set
Safety Leak proof heating chamber
Operating temperature Ambient to 40°C
Special Feature Can be used as water bath or bead bath incubator
Block material Aluminum alloy
Block type Standard and customized type are available
PC Connection USB
Weight Approx. 2.9lb (1.3kg)
Cat. No. Product Description
MC-0203 Mini Cooling Dry Bath Incubator, programmable cooling and heating; without block
Cat. No. Product Description
MC-0200-SW Functional control software for Mini Cooling Incubator including a USB cable
MD-MINI-B01 For 0.2ml tube (PCR strip tube), 32 wells, φ6.35mm, depth 19mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B02 For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells,φ10.8mm, depth 28.5mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B03 For 15ml tube, 6 wells, φ17.3mm, depth 70mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x75mm
MD-MINI-B04 For 50ml tube, 2 wells, φ29.2mm, depth 72mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x75mm
MD-MINI-B05 For 0.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ8.0mm, depth 25mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B06 For 2.0ml or 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ11.0mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B07 For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ10.9mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MS-BL95-E Block Lifter, 95mm length, with E-type retaining rings
MD-MINI-LID MD-MINI lid, (WxLxH) 83x58.5x31.5mm
MD-MINI-CAR-ADAPTER Car adapter for MD-MINI and MC-0203, 1.5M

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Mini Cooling Dry Bath Incubator, MC-0203

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