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Mini Heating Dry Bath Incubator, MD-MINI


The Mini Heating Dry Bath Incubator incorporates innovative ideas of compactness, performance and versatility. This palm-sized yet powerful device is designed to maximize benchtop space and enhance research productivity with ultra-precise temperature control. The interchangeable ability of heating blocks in various size permits accommodation of versatile tube sizes. Moreover, turn it into a water bath or bead bath with optional metallic thermal beads.

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  • Small size, fits in your palm
  • User temperature calibration
  • Single molded chamber, no cracks or welds
  • PTFE coated chamber resists stains
  • Can be used as a mini water bath or bead bath
  • Outstanding heating rate
  • Different sizes of heating block available for selection
  • Clear cover to ensure temperature uniformity
  • Optional in-car power adaptor provides portability on the road
with block with water with Beads
Cat. No. MD-MINI
Display LCD
Power 50W
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 6"x4.9"x3.8" (153x125x97mm)
Controller Digital microprocess controller
Heating chamber Molded waterproof aluminum alloy coated with PTFE
Temperature control range 5°C above ambient to 100°C
Temperature increment 0.1°C
Temperature uniformity ± 0.20°C at 37°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.20°C at 37°C
Temperature Calibration Yes
Timer 99 (hr): 59 (min) / Continuous
Safety Leak proof heating chamber
Over temperature protection
Operating temperature Ambient to 40°C
Special Feature Used as water bath or bead bath
Block material Aluminum alloy
Block type Standard and customized type are available
Rated voltage 100V-240V~
Weight Approx. 1.3lb (0.6kg)
Block material Aluminum alloy
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 1.9"x2.8"x1.3" (47x71x32mm) /
Approx. 1.9"x2.8"x3" (47x71x75mm)
Block lifter well Yes
Thermometer well Yes
Cat. No. Product Description
MD-MINI Mini Heating Dry Bath Incubator; without block
Cat. No. Product Description
MD-MINI-B01 For 0.2ml tube (PCR strip tube), 32 wells, φ6.35mm, depth 19mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B02 For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ10.8mm, depth 28.5mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B03 For 15ml tube, 6 wells, φ17.3mm, depth 70mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x75mm
MD-MINI-B04 For 50ml tube, 2 wells, φ29.2mm, depth 72mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x75mm
MD-MINI-B05 For 0.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ8.0mm, depth 25mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B06 For 2.0ml or 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ11.0mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MD-MINI-B07 For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, φ10.9mm, depth 30mm, (WxLxH) 47x71x32mm
MS-BL95-E Block Lifter, 95mm length, with E-type retaining rings
MD-MINI-LID MD-MINI lid, (WxLxH) 83x58.5x31.5mm
MD-MINI-CAR-ADAPTER Car adapter for MD-MINI and MC-0203, 1.5M

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Mini Heating Dry Bath Incubator, MD-MINI

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