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SmartView Pro Imager, UVCI-2300


The SmartView Pro 1100 provides the basic feature and standard operation.

MS04_SmartView Pro Imager System UVCI-1100 Marketing video

  • Standalone gel doc system with high-quality monochrome CCD
  • Exchangeable emission Filters provide for instant visualization
  • Intuitive 10.4” interface with color touch-screen
  • Zoom-able lens for proper picture size
  • Movable platform for gel excision with UV-protection shield
  • Automatic UV shut off mechanism
  • Optional trans white light and blue light plates
Model SmartView Pro 2300
Cat. No. UVCI-2300
Camera 1/1.8" interline UXGA monochrome progressive 2.0MP CCD
Pixels Size 4.4μmx4.4μm
Lens (Camera) F1.2, 12.5 – 75mm (with one +1 close-up lens), 6X zoom lens, manual
Camera Video Output 12 bit
Filter (Camera) *Ordered separately Optical EtBr Filter / Optical SYBR Green Filter / Orange Amber Filter
Image Storage Built-in 14GB Memory (3000 tiff images storage) and USB flash
Cabinet Pull out, sliding transilluminator
Field Of View (WxL) Approx. 10.2"x8.3" (260x210mm)
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 16.1"x15.9"x36" (410x405x915mm)
Weight Approx. 62.8lbs. (28.5kg)
Display 10.4” color touch screen, 800x600
Viewing Window Built-in UV viewing window
Window Filter Amber Filter embedded in viewing window (580nm)
Light Source Built-in drawer type UV Transilluminator 312(302)nm
Epi white light
Optional Accessory White Light Plate (power built-in)
Blue light plate (power built-in) 470nm
Saved Image Max. 16bit
Grayscale 12bit, 0-4095 gray levels
Safety CE
Rated Voltage 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Cat. No. Product Description
UVCI-2300 SmartView Pro 2300 Imager System, UV light version

* All filters have to be ordered separately.

* MS 1D Analysis Software (MBE-IMG-SW) is included in UVCI-2300 for image analysis only.

Cat. No. Product Description
UVCI-2300-EB SmartView EtBr Filter, 610nm (for UV)
UVCI-2300-SG SmartView SYBR Green Filter, 520nm (for UV)
UVCI-2300-F4 SmartView Amber Filter, 580nm (for blue light)
UVCI-2313 SmartView Pro UV Protection Shield, for 2300 series
UVCI-2314 SmartView Pro Lens Filter Stand, can hold up to 4 lens filters, for 2300 & 2400 series
UVCI-2300-BL Blue Light Plate for SmartView Pro 2300 series
UVCI-2300-WL White Light Plate 210x260mm for SmartView Pro 2300 & 2400 series
MJC-8-STYLUS-00000 Stylus Pen
CI-CL55+1 55mm Close up lens +1 for CCD Image System
MBE-IMG-SW MS 1D Analysis Software(MS 1D Analysis Software (MBE-IMG-SW) is included in UVCI-2300/UVCI-2400 for image analysis only.)
DI-CLIQS DI-CLIQS Gel Analysis Software
UVCI-2300-EB UVCI-2300-SG UVCI-2300-F4
UVCI-2313 UVCI-2314 UVCI-2300-BL
UVCI-2300-WL MJC-8-STYLUS-00000 CI-CL55+1

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SmartView Pro Imager, UVCI-2300

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