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Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, MV-10DSYS


Mini Vertical is an injection-molded vertical electrophoresis system providing a leak-proof environment and safe operation. Its vertical tank is designed for blotting compatibly. The dual 10x10cm plate is the most popular application and it is capable of handling up to 4 plates. It is ideally offered to individuals in the laboratory at competitive and acceptable pricing to avoid time-wasting for basic instruments and to accelerate experimental progress. Simple rapid and leak-proof gel casting.

1. Insert glass plates and slide gates to create efficient seal. 2. Transfer to casting base and tighten cams. 3. It is best to turn the cams in opposite directions to each other.
4. Pour gel solution, insert combs and allow gel to polymerize. 5. Transfer to tank, fill with buffer and run.  

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  • Low buffer consumption
  • Single molded tank
  • Up to 4 gels run at one time
  • Great indications for gel making and running
  • Ice cooling pack
  • Easy gel casting and no gel leakage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Compatible with all precast gels (100x100mm or 100x80mm)
Cat. No. MV-10DSYS
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 7.5"x5.1"x5.9" (190x130x150mm)
Plate Dimension (WxL) Approx. 3.9" 3.9" (100x100mm)
Gel Dimension (WxL) Approx. 3.4"x3.2" (85x80mm)
Maximum Sample 80 samples, 20 samples per gel
Buffer Volume 0.07gal -0.32gal (250 -1200m|)
Ice Cooling Pack Yes
Dummy Plate And Casting Base Yes
Construction Injection molded construction
Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life
Electrical Safety Lid can be fastened in only one way
Upon lid removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
Rapid Casting Gel Use gel maker stand
Cat. No. Product Description
MV-10DSYS Complete Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
Mini 100x100mm Dual, 2 sets of glass plates with 1mm thick bonded spacers
2x12 sample, 1mm thick combs, cooling pack, dummy plate and casting base
MV10-Mini300 Package of MV-10DSYS and MINI-300
MV10EXCASTERSYS External Casting System, upstand + base
MV10EXCASTER External Casting Upstand - no casting base
MV-10DCAST 100x100mm casting base
MV-10DCASTM Replacement Silicone Mat for 100x100mm casting base
MV-10DIRM Inner running module
MV-10LID MV-10 lid (No cables)
MV-10TANK MV-10 tank
MV-10ICB Mini cooling pack
MV-10PG 100x100mm plain glass plates, 2mm thick (pk/2)
MV-10PGS0.75 100x100mm plain glass plates with 0.75mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10PGS1 100x100mm plain glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10PGS1.5 100x100mm plain glass plates with 1.5mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10PGS2 100x100mm plain glass plates with 2mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10NG 100x100mm notched glass plates, 2mm thick (pk/2)
MV-10NGS0.75 100x100mm notched glass plates with 0.75mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10NGS1 100x100mm notched glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10NGS1.5 100x100mm notched glass plates with 1.5mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10NGS2 100x100mm notched glass plates with 2mm bonded spacers (pk/2)
MV-10DP Dummy plate, 100x100mm
MV-10S0.75 100mm spacers - 0.75mm (pk/2)
MV-10S1 100mm spacers -1mm (pk/2)
MV-10S1.5 100mm spacers - 1.5mm (pk/2)
MV-10S2 100mm spacers - 2mm (pk/2)



Cat. No Product Description SV
MV-10-1-0.75 Comb 1 Prep, 1 Marker, 0.75mm thick 500ul
MV-10-5-0.75 Comb 5 sample, 0.75mm thick 70ul
MV-10-8MC-0.75 Comb 8 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 40ul
MV-10-9-0.75 Comb 9 sample, 0.75mm thick 35ul
MV-10-10-0.75 Comb 10 sample, 0.75mm thick 30ul
MV-10-12-0.75 Comb 12 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 25ul
MV-10-16MC-0.75 Comb 16 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 20ul
MV-10-20-0.75 Comb 20 sample, 0.75mm thick 15ul
Cat. No Product Description SV
MV-10-1-1 Comb 1 Prep, 1 Marker, 1mm thick 650ul
MV-10-5-1 Comb 5 sample, 1mm thick 100ul
MV-10-8MC-1 Comb 8 sample MC, 1mm thick 60ul
MV-10-9-1 Comb 9 sample, 1mm thick 50ul
MV-10-10-1 Comb 10 sample, 1mm thick 40ul
MV-10-12-1 Comb 12 sample, 1mm thick 35ul
MV-10-16MC-1 Comb 16 sample MC, 1mm thick 25ul
MV-10-20-1 Comb 20 sample, 1mm thick 20ul
Cat. No Product Description SV
MV-10-1-1.5 Comb 1 Prep, 1 Marker, 1.5mm thick 1000ul
MV-10-5-1.5 Comb 5 sample, 1.5mm thick 140ul
MV-10-8MC-1.5 Comb 8 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 80ul
MV-10-9-1.5 Comb 9 sample, 1.5mm thick 70ul
MV-10-10-1.5 Comb 10 sample, 1.5mm thick 30ul
MV-10-12-1.5 Comb 12 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 50ul
MV-10-16MC-1.5 Comb 16 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 40ul
MV-10-20-1.5 Comb 20 sample, 1.5mm thick 30ul
Cat. No Product Description SV
MV-10-1-2 Comb 1 Prep, 1 Marker, 2mm thick 1300ul
MV-10-5-2 Comb 5 sample, 2mm thick 200ul
MV-10-8MC-2 Comb 8 sample MC, 2mm thick 120ul
MV-10-9-2 Comb 9 sample, 2mm thick 100ul
MV-10-10-2 Comb 10 sample, 2mm thick 80ul
MV-10-12-2 Comb 12 sample, 2mm thick 70ul
MV-10-16MC-2 Comb 16 sample MC, 2mm thick 50ul
MV-10-20-2 Comb 20 sample, 2mm thick 40ul

MC = Multi-channel pipette compatible

SV = Sample volume for 5mm thick gel (ul)

Extensive range of combs
Black: 0.75mm for ultra resolved bands
White: 1mm supplied as standard
Red: 1.5mm for large sample volume
Blue: 2mm for large sample volume
MC = Multi-channel pipette compatible Run up to 4 gels at one time
(MV-10DSYS is capable to run up to 4 gels when using a triple glass plate sandwich. If you want to run 4 gels, a set of notched glass plate and also spacer would be required to buy separately.)

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Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, MV-10DSYS

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