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Midi plus-2 Horizontal Electrophoresis System, ME15-7-10-15


Our Midi series have been designed for routine horizontal gel electrophoresis with wide degrees of versatility. All of our gel tanks are made from injection molded construction for durable and leak proof environment. Varieties of special combs are available to maximize your sample size.

The Midi plus-2 system provides three sizes of trays to maximize your sample size, 15x7, 15x10, 15x15cm. Midi plus-2 allows up to 210 samples per run per gel.

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  • Low buffer consumption
  • Single molded tank
  • Three tray options available (ME15-7-10-15)
  • Easy sample loading
  • Multi-channel pipette compatibility
  • Great indications for gel making and running
  • No tape, clamps or springs needed

ME15-7-10-15 is offered as a complete system for the user to cast, and run electrophoresis, including:

  • 1 x Electrophoresis tank & lid
  • 1 x ME15-UV7 (15x7cm UV tray)
  • 1 x ME15-UV10 (15x10cm UV tray)
  • 1 x ME15-UV15 (15x15cm UV tray)
  • 2 x ME15-20-1 (20 sample combs, 1mm thick)
  • 1 x ME15-UVDAM (UV tray dams, 2pcs)
  • 1 x ME15-LG (Loading guides (Set))
  • 1 x Black & red electrophoresis cable
Cat. No. ME15-7-10-155
10.4"x6.9"x3.5" (265x175x90mm)
Gel Dimension
5.9"x2.8" (150x70mm)
5.9"x3.9" (150x100mm)
5.9"x5.9" (150x150mm)
Maximum Sample 70 for 5.9"x2.8" (150x70mm) Tray (2x35 sample combs)
140 for 5.9"x3.9" (150x100mm) Tray(4x35 sample combs)
210 for 5.9"x5.9" (150x150mm) Tray(6x35 sample combs)
Buffer Volume 0.32gal (1200ml)
Construction Injection molded construction
Durable, leak-proof environment for complete safety and long life
Cassette Type Electrode Inexpensive, easy to replace
Made of 99.99% corrosion resistant pure platinum
Electrical Safety Lid can only be fastened in one way
Upon lid removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
Rapid Casting Gel Use flexible caster
Cat. No. Product Description
ME15-7-10-15 Midi plus-2, 150x70, 100 & 150mm UV tray, 2x20 sample 1mm thick combs, loading guides and dams
ME15-UV7 Midi plus-2, 150x70mm UV tray
ME15-UV10 Midi plus-2, 150x100mm UV tray
ME15-UV15 Midi plus-2, 150x150mm UV tray
ME15/20-FC Midi plus-2/Maxi, Flexicaster
ME15-UVS 150mm UV gel scoop
ME15-UVDAM Midi plus-2, UV tray dams ( 2 pcs )
ME15-LG Loading Guides for Midi plus-2
ME15LID Midi plus-2, lid (No cables)
ME15TANK Midi plus-2 Tank (including electrodes)
ME15-BSB Midi plus-2, saver blocks, pk/2
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME15-1-0.75 Prep 1, Marker 1, 0.75mm thick 371ul
ME15-2-0.75 Prep 2, Marker 2, 0.75mm thick 169ul
ME15-4-0.75 Prep 4, Marker 2, 0.75mm thick 91ul
ME15-10-0.75 10 sample, 0.75mm thick 34ul
ME15-12-0.75 12 sample, 0.75mm thick 30ul
ME15-20-0.75 20 sample, 0.75mm thick 16ul
ME15-35-0.75 35 sample, 0.75mm thick 7ul
ME15-10MC-0.75 10 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 22ul
ME15-14MC-0.75 14 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 22ul
ME15-16MC-0.75 16 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 20ul
ME15-18MC-0.75 18 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 8ul
ME15-28MC-0.75 28 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 8ul
ME15-30MC-0.75 30 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 9ul
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME15-1-1 Prep 1, Marker 1, 1mm thick 495ul
ME15-2-1 Prep 2, Marker 2, 1mm thick 225ul
ME15-4-1 Prep 4, Marker 2, 1mm thick 122ul
ME15-10-1 10 sample, 1mm thick 45ul
ME15-12-1 12 sample, 1mm thick 41ul
ME15-20-1 20 sample, 1mm thick 21ul
ME15-35-1 35 sample, 1mm thic 10ul
ME15-10MC-1 10 sample MC, 1mm thick 29ul
ME15-14MC-1 14 sample MC, 1mm thick 29ul
ME15-16MC-1 16 sample MC, 1mm thick 27ul
ME15-18MC-1 18 sample MC, 1mm thick 11ul
ME15-28MC-1 28 sample MC, 1mm thick 11ul
ME15-30MC-1 30 sample MC, 1mm thick 13ul
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME15-1-1.5 Prep 1, Marker 1, 1.5mm thick 743ul
ME15-2-1.5 Prep 2, Marker 2, 1.5mm thick 338ul
ME15-4-1.5 Prep 4, Marker 2, 1.5mm thick 182ul
ME15-10-1.5 10 sample, 1.5mm thick 68ul
ME15-12-1.5 12 sample, 1.5mm thick 61ul
ME15-20-1.5 20 sample, 1.5mm thick 32ul
ME15-35-1.5 35 sample, 1.5mm thick 15ul
ME15-10MC-1.5 10 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 44ul
ME15-14MC-1.5 14 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 44ul
ME15-16MC-1.5 16 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 41ul
ME15-18MC-1.5 18 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 17ul
ME15-28MC-1.5 28 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 17ul
ME15-30MC-1.5 30 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 19ul
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME15-1-2 Prep 1, Marker 1, 2mm thick 990ul
ME15-2-2 Prep 2, Marker 2, 2mm thick 450ul
ME15-4-2 Prep 4, Marker 2, 2mm thick 243ul
ME15-10-2 10 sample, 2mm thick 90ul
ME15-12-2 12 sample, 2mm thick 81ul
ME15-20-2 20 sample, 2mm thick 43ul
ME15-35-2 35 sample, 2mm thick 20ul
ME15-10MC-2 10 sample MC, 2mm thick 59ul
ME15-14MC-2 14 sample MC, 2mm thick 59ul
ME15-16MC-2 16 sample MC, 2mm thick 54ul
ME15-18MC-2 18 sample MC, 2mm thick 23ul
ME15-28MC-2 28 sample MC, 2mm thick 23ul
ME15-30MC-2 30 sample MC, 2mm thick 25ul

* Sample volume (SV) = sample volume per well, for 5 mm thick gel (ul)

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Midi plus-2 Horizontal Electrophoresis System, ME15-7-10-15

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