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Handy 100V Power Supply, MP-100


The Handy 100V Power Supply is specifically designed for DNA and RNA electrophoresis. It allows two constant voltages of either 50V or 100V. The low cost, light weight and small foot print make it perfect for teaching labs as well as routine electrophoresis use. It can be purchased individually or in packages with horizontal gel electrophoresis systems for economical purposes.

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  • 50V or 100V constant voltage output
  • 400mA maximum current
  • 40W maximum power
  • Safety device
  • Ultra compact size
  • Developed specifically for DNA and RNA electrophoresis
  • Great value at very competitive pricing
  • Bundled package with MJ-105A and MT-108
Cat. No. MP-100
Output Voltage / Inc 50V/ 100V
Output Current / Inc 400mA
Output power 40W
Output Type Constant voltage
Voltage selection 50V and 100V
Safety device No-load detection; shrouded plugs and sockets
Operation temperature 4° - 40°
Dimension (WxLxH) 2.4"x1.6"x4.7" (60x40x120mm)
Terminal pairs 1 pair
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Weight Approx. 0.7lb (0.3kg)
Rated voltage 100 - 120V ~ only
Cat. No. Description
MP-100 Handy 100V Power Supply
Electrophoresis Package Proudct Description
MJA-100P Package of MJ-105A and MP-100
MT-100P Package of MT-108 and MP-100
MJAE-100P Package of MJ-105A, MP-100, and MBE-300;
amber filter lid with fan, synthetic paper hood are included

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Handy 100V Power Supply, MP-100

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