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Digital Peristaltic Pump, MU-D series

MU-D Peristaltic Pump series are compact size provides high portability.


MU-D Peristaltic Pump series is ideal for a variety of applications, which include filtration, circulation, sampling, chemical spraying, dispensing, transferring, feeding and filling. The easy-to-use pump head design accomadate several different silicon tubing sizes. This provides a great flexibility for a wide range of flow rates to be utilized when connecting with different sizes of tubings.

The MU-D series is also reversible providing better convenience and flexibility to the user. The digital control provides high accurate rpm performance.

MU-D01 pump is a digital controlled mode with a solid 50W brushless motor, and MU-D02 is designed with a higher horsepower, 100W for higher volume demands required.

MU-D03 pump is the most powerful pump in this series which packs with powerful pump head, allows the flow rate to up to 3,272ml/min with thicker tubing (1.6mm). Select the appropriate model for your lab with economical yet powerful enough peristaltic pump.

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  • Digital microprocessor control for precise speed control
  • Compact size provides high portability
  • High quality Masterflex and Watson Marlow easy load pump head
  • Reversible for purging purposes
  • Flow rate range from 1.2 to 1,140ml/min for MU-D01
  • Flow rate range from 0.3 to 2,280ml/min for MU-D02
  • Flow rate range from 8 to 3,272ml/min for MU-D03
  • 2-step programmable operation mode available

* All images are for reference only, actual products might differ from the pictures above.
* Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

** The flow range is subject to the silicone tube that used. Please see Silicon tubing specifications table for reference.

Cat. No MU-D01
Controller Digital microprocessor controller
Motor Brushless motor
Power 50W 100W
Pump Speed / Increment 20 - 300rpm / 1rpm 5 - 600rpm / 1rpm 20 - 300rpm /1rpm
Max. Pump Speed 300rpm 600rpm 300rpm
Flow Range ** 1.2 - 1,140ml/min 0.3 - 2,280ml/min 8 - 3,272ml/min
Number Of Rollers 4 2
Number Of Peristaltic Pumps 1 (Max is 2, the second pump head is optional and need the confirm before order.) 1
Operating Temperature Ambient to 40 °C
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 7.9”x13.4”x5.1”
Approx. 9.5”x13.3”x 6.6”
Material Painted iron metal
Weight Approx. 12.5lb ( 5.7kg ) Approx. 13.4lb (6.2kg)
Rated Voltage 110V/220V, Selectable 100V-240V~ 100V-240V~
Program 2-step Program (running & ceasing); Max. of timer: 99 (hr) : 59 (min) : 59 (sec)
Auto Resume Function Yes
Cat. No. Product Description
MU-D01 Digital Peristaltic Pump, 110 / 220V~
MU-D02 Superior Digital Peristaltic Pump, 100V-240V~
MU-D03 Supreme Digital Peristaltic Pump, 100V-240V~
PWI-FS-05-00000000 Digital Peristlatic Pump connection cable for FS-05
PWI-FS-06-00000000 Digital Peristlatic Pump connection cable for FS-06, FS-07
MU-PU1 Easy Load pump head for MU-D01 / MU-D02
MU-S13 Silicon tube I.D. 0.03 inch (0.8mm), 25ft
MU-S14 Silicon tube I.D. 0.06 inch (1.6mm), 25ft
MU-S16 Silicon tube I.D. 0.12 inch (3.1mm), 25ft
MU-S25 Silicon tube I.D. 0.19 inch (4.8mm), 25ft
MU-S17 Silicon tube I.D. 0.25 inch (6.4mm), 25ft
MU-S18 Silicon tube I.D. 0.31 inch (7.9mm), 25ft (MU-D series only)
Silicon Tubing Specifications
Cat. No. MU-S13 MU-S14 MU-S16 MU-S25 MU-S17 MU-S18
Inner Diameter Inches. (mm) 0.03(0.8) 0.06(1.6) 0.12(3.1) 0.19(4.8) 0.25(6.4) 0.31(7.9)
Hose Barb Size Inches. (mm) 1/16(1.6) 1/16(1.6) 1/8(3.2) 3/16(4.8) 1/4(6.4) 3/8(9.5)
Flow Range With 6 To 600rpm Drive (ml/min) 0.36 to 36 1.3 to 130 4.8 to 480 10 to 1000 17 to 1700 23 to 2300
*The flow range is subject to the motor drive of the pump. Please see Peristaltic Pump specifications for reference.
Maximum Pressure, Continuous 25psig 20psig 15psig 10psig
(1.7bar) (1.4bar) (1.0bar) (0.7bar)
Maximum Pressure, Continuous 40psig 35psig 20psig 15psig
(2.7bar) (2.4bar) (1.4bar) (1.0bar)
Maximum Vacuum 26" Hg (660mm Hg) 20" Hg (510mm Hg)
Suction Lift 29ft H2O (8.8m H2O ) 22ft H2O (6.7m H2O )

* MU-S18 is not compatible with MFU series.

* Dual Pump Head available accommodate two silicon tubings with the same pump speed at the same time.

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Digital Peristaltic Pump, MU-D series

MU-D Peristaltic Pump series are compact size provides high portability.

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