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Antifoam Probe meter, FS-A-PLV


This antifoam probe is height-adjustable with proven reliability. It can be equipped with our controllers for the vessels. Once foaming is detected within the vessel, the controller unit will respond by pumping defoamer solution to disperse the foam and ensure the experiment progresses properly. This will ensure your experiment runs smoothly without worrying about the foam formation.

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  • Adjustable height
  • Made with stainless steel tips and PTFE coating
  • Proven reliability
  • Suitable for autoclave, SIP, CIP
Housing materials Stainless steel tips and PTFE body
Sensitivity Adjustable via controlling software
Cat. No. Product Description
FS-A-PLV00 Foam/Level Sensor Cable
FS-A-PLV02 Foam/Level Sensor with PTFE black coating

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Antifoam Probe meter, FS-A-PLV

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