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DO Probe meter, FS-A-PDO


This stainless steel constructed dissolved oxygen sensor is designed for maximum accuracy and reliability. Modular and robust design along with state-of-the-art interior sensor design allows for easy disassembly for maintenance. PTFE/silicone membrane designed with an internal steel mesh makes the membrane more rugged, drastically improving repeatability of these senors in bioprocess applications.

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  • Fast response
  • Proven reliability
  • High resolution and precision
  • Suitable for autoclave, SIP and CIP
  • User-calibration available
DO sensor type Polarographic
Dissolved oxygen 0.1- 200% air saturation
10 ppb to saturation
Temperature 0 - 135°C (275°F)
Resolution 0.1%
Pressure 4 bar maximum
Temperature compensation 22 kohm thermistor
Wetted materials 316L Stainless Steel
Shaft diameter 12mm
Surface finish Ra 12 (electro-polished)
Cat. No. Product Description
FS-A-PDO00-MT DO Probe Cable VP Type, Mettler Toledo
FS-A-PDO01-MT 120mm DO Probe for 0.5L, 1L vessel, Mettler Toledo
FS-A-PDO02-MT 220mm DO Probe for 3L vessel, Mettler Toledo
FS-A-PDO03-MT 320mm DO Probe for 5-15L vessel, Mettler Toledo
FS-A-PDO04-MT 420mm DO Probe for 20L vessel, Mettler Toledo
Cat. No. Product Description
FS-A-PDO00-HM DO Probe Cable VP Type, Hamilton
FS-A-PDO01-HM 120mm DO Probe for 0.5L, 1L vessel, Hamilton
FS-A-PDO02-HM 225mm DO Probe for 3L vessel, Hamilton
FS-A-PDO03-HM 325mm DO Probe for 5-15L vessel, Hamilton
FS-A-PDO04-HM 425mm DO Probe for 20L vessel, Hamilton

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DO Probe meter, FS-A-PDO

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