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SafeBlue Darkroom viewer, MBE-150-01


SmartView Transilluminator is the next illuminator generation for your lab. Combining the blue and UV light, this equipment allows you to work either using blue or UV light with your samples.

The Epi-Blue light is proportionally emitted on samples to give excellent fluorescence for the examination of nucleic acid bands. As the single or dual wavelength UV light allows the induction of stronger signals.

Moreover, since blue light is within visible light spectrum, it easily provides just enough energy to induce the signals without endangering operator’ safety.

In addition, this two-in-one system provides you additional convenience for the work on any sample with UV light or using blue light simultaneously without moving your gel back and forth. The SmartView Transilluminator is the ultimate source for any of your lab practice.

MS04_SmartView Transilluminator / SmartView Simple Imager System MUVB MUV-IMG-CA* Marketing video

  • Lightweight and compact ․Convenience
  • Easy to use, no hardware required
  • The perfect companion for your SafeBlue electrophoresis system
  • For viewing the gel migration purpose only, no camera included
Cat. No. MBE-150-01
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 8.4"x14.3"x11.4" (213x362x290mm)
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Weight Approx. 1.6lb (0.72Kg)
Cat. No. Product Description
MBE-150-01 Darkroom Viewer of MBE-150

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SafeBlue Darkroom viewer, MBE-150-01

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