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Maxi Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System, ME20 series


Maxi is primarily designed for the resolution of high throughput of samples as in cloning or PCR experiments. Maxi allows ultra high-resolution separations over extended runs. Tray sizes correspond to standard blotter sizes. It also allows for easy sample transfer onto a membrane for further analysis. Three tray sizes are available, 20x20cm, 20x25cm and 20x10cm. Multichannel pipette compatible combs for up to 40 samples each facilitate speedy loading of up to 440 samples per gel. 50 sample combs (not multi-channel pipette compatible) allow maximum sample capability of 550 samples per gel.

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  • Low buffer consumption
  • Multi-channel pipette compatibility
  • Great indications for gel making and running
  • No tape, clamps or springs needed
  • Up to 450 samples per tray

ME20 series is offered as a complete system for the user to cast, and run electrophoresis. including:

  • 1 x Electrophoresis tank & lid
  • 1 x ME20-UV10 (20x10cm UV tray)
  • 1 x ME20-UV20 (20x20cm UV tray)
  • 1 x ME20-UV25 (20x25cm UV tray, for ME20-25 only)
  • 2 x ME20-20MC-1 (20 sample combs, 1mm thick)
  • 1 x ME20-UVDAM (UV tray dams, 2pcs)
  • 1 x ME20-LG (Loading guides (Set))
  • 1 x Black & red electrophoresis cable
Cat. No. ME20-10-20 ME20-25
15.6"x9.1"x3.5" (395x230x90mm)
Gel Dimension
7.9"x3.9" (200x100mm)
7.9"x7.9" (200x200mm)
7.9"x9.8" (200x250mm)(Optional)
7.9"x9.8" (200x250mm)
Maximum Sample 200 for 7.9"x3.9" (200x100mm)
Tray (4x50 sample combs)
450 for 7.9"x7.9" (200x200mm)
Tray (9x50 sample combs)
550 for 7.9"x9.8" (200x250mm) Tray(11x50 sample combs)
Buffer Volume 0.32gal (1200ml)
Construction Injection molded construction Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life
Cassette Type Electrode Inexpensive, easy to replace
Made of 99.99% corrosion resistant pure platinum
Electrical Safety Lid can only be fastened in one way
Upon lid removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
Rapid Casting Gel Use flexible caster
Cat. No. Product Description
ME20-10-20 Maxi, 200x100 & 200x200mm UV tray, 2x20 sample combs
ME20-25 Maxi, 200x250mm UV tray, 2x20 sample combs
ME20-UV10 Maxi, 200x100mm UV tray
ME20-UV20 Maxi, 200x200mm UV tray
ME20-UV25 Maxi, 200x250mm UV tray
ME15/20-FC Midi plus-2/Maxi, Flexicaster
ME20-UVS 200mm UV gel scoop
ME20-UVDAM Maxi, UV tray dams ( 2 pcs )
ME20-LG Loading Guides for Maxi
ME20LID Maxi lid (No cables)
ME20TANK Maxi Tank (including electrodes)
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME20-1-0.75 Prep 1, Marker 1, 0.75mm thick 506ul
ME20-2-0.75 Prep 2, Marker 2, 0.75mm thick 236ul
ME20-4-0.75 Prep 4, Marker 2, 0.75mm thick 115ul
ME20-10-0.75 10 sample, 0.75mm thick 54ul
ME20-16-0.75 16 sample, 0.75mm thick 30ul
ME20-20MC-0.75 20 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 20ul
ME20-25-0.75 25 sample, 0.75mm thick 16ul
ME20-30-0.75 30 sample, 0.75mm thick 13ul
ME20-36-0.75 36 sample, 0.75mm thick 11ul
ME20-40MC-0.75 40 sample MC, 0.75mm thick 8ul
ME20-50-0.75 50 sample, 0.75mm thick 8ul
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME20-1-1 Prep 1, Marker 1, 1mm thick 675ul
ME20-2-1 Prep 2, Marker 2, 1mm thick 315ul
ME20-4-1 Prep 4, Marker 2, 1mm thick 153ul
ME20-10-1 10 sample, 1mm thick 72ul
ME20-16-1 16 sample, 1mm thick 41ul
ME20-20MC-1 20 sample MC, 1mm thick 27ul
ME20-25-1 25 sample, 1mm thick 21ul
ME20-30-1 30 sample, 1mm thick 17ul
ME20-36-1 36 sample, 1mm thick 14ul
ME20-40MC-1 40 sample MC, 1mm thick 11ul
ME20-50-1 50 sample, 1mm thick 10ul
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME20-1-1.5 Prep 1, Marker 1, 1.5mm thick 1013ul
ME20-2-1.5 Prep 2, Marker 2, 1.5mm thick 473ul
ME20-4-1.5 Prep 4, Marker 2, 1.5mm thick 230ul
ME20-10-1.5 10 sample, 1.5mm thick 108ul
ME20-16-1.5 16 sample, 1.5mm thick 61ul
ME20-20MC-1.5 20 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 41ul
ME20-25-1.5 25 sample, 1.5mm thick 32ul
ME20-30-1.5 30 sample, 1.5mm thick 26ul
ME20-36-1.5 36 sample, 1.5mm thick 22ul
ME20-40MC-1.5 40 sample MC, 1.5mm thick 17ul
ME20-50-1.5 50 sample, 1.5mm thick 16ul
Cat. No Comb Description Sample Volume
ME20-1-2 Prep 1, Marker 1, 2mm thick 1350ul
ME20-2-2 Prep 2, Marker 2, 2mm thick 630ul
ME20-4-2 Prep 4, Marker 2, 2mm thick 306ul
ME20-10-2 10 sample, 2mm thick 144ul
ME20-16-2 16 sample, 2mm thick 81ul
ME20-20MC-2 20 sample MC, 2mm thick 54ul
ME20-25-2 25 sample, 2mm thick 42ul
ME20-30-2 30 sample, 2mm thick 34ul
ME20-36-2 36 sample, 2mm thick 29ul
ME20-40MC-2 40 sample MC, 2mm thick 23ul
ME20-50-2 50 sample, 2mm thick 21ul

Extensive range of combs

Black: 0.75mm for ultra resolved bands

White: 1mm supplied as standard

Red: 1.5mm for large sample volume

Blue: 2mm for large sample volume

MC = Multi-channel pipette compatible *Sample volume (SV) = Sample volume for 5mm thick gel (ul)

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Maxi Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System, ME20 series

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