Composite Vessel Handles, FS-A-CH

產品型號: A08-FS-A-CH


Our stainless steel composite handle is now available as an accessory for you to choose. These handles are specially designed for ease of use when lifting or moving the vessel in facilities with horizontal autoclave or hard to reach area.

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• Stainless steel
• Ease of use, no extra tool needed
• Compatible with all types of Winpact vessels


Construction material

316L stainless steel (Vertical T-bar handling)

304 stainless steel (Horizontal handling ear)

Unit dimension

55 x 80 x 114 mm (W x L x H) (FS-A-CH-01)

65 x 80 x 115 mm (W x L x H) (FS-A-CH-02)

Loading weight

30 kg / per handle


Ordering Info

Cat. No.

Product Description


Composite handle for Fermentation vessel size 0.5L, 1L, 3L, 5L and 10L (2 per set)


Composite handle for Fermentation vessel size 15L and 20L (2 per set)


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