Product Name : Winpact Benchtop SIP Systems FS-05S / FS-07S
Product Description

The Winpact Benchtop Parallel SIP Fermentation System is the newest addition to our range of controller systems. With an upgrade modification to the original Winpact Parallel System, the new FS-05S controller is able to adapt and control various combinations of vessel types. You can pair it with one glass vessel and one stainless steel vessel, two glass vessels, or even two stainless steel vessels.


A.Single control interface for left and right vessel

B.USB port for easy data transfer

C.Power switch

D.8 x Assignable & speed adjustable peristaltic pumps

E.Adjustable air flow meter



• Semi-automatic sterilization-in-place for stainless steel vessels
• Stainless steel vessel compatible (max. volume: 30L)
• Ability to adapt to two different vessel types: stainless steel vessel or glass vessel, mix-and-match
• Vessels can be operated simultaneously or separately

*Some modification to fit the demand including: circulation system, heat exchanger, motor board, probe connection, etc.

*FS-07S, which can control either one glass vessel or one stainless steel vessel is also coming soon. Glass vessel that is compatible with FS-07 is also compatible with FS-07S. Available stainless steel vessel for FS-07S ranges from 10L to 30L.

*For more information, please contact your local distributors.


A.Stainless steel vessel, 10L


B.Double jacketed dish bottom vessel, 500ml