Product Name : Lively 500V Power Supply, MP-510
    Product Description

    Major Science offers 3 models of power supplies constructed with microprocessor controller and 4 pairs of outlet terminals which covers the broadest range of application in general laboratory. The microprocessor control can perform either continuous or timed output, and user is able to pause and resume anytime without resetting the timer.

    MS Lively Power Supply is power enough to perform horizontal and vertical electrophoresis as well as two dimensional electrophoresis SDS-PAGE applications. In addition, it can operate with a fully programmable mode and offer up to 6 multi-step setting conditions. The 2.4” TFT-LCD colored screen also allows you to see all the running/setting conditions while operating. For those beginners in electrophoresis, the built-in data for some typical running condition could be extremely helpful. All 3 models are designed with great safety features to ensure safety of the lab and experiment.


    •  Four pairs of output terminals

    •  2.4” TFT-LCD colored screen shows all parameters during operation

    •  Timer with alarm function

    •  Compact size with stackable case

    •  Constant voltage/ current/ power operation mode

    •  Typical Running Condition helps electrophoresis beginner

    •  Wide application for DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis and blotting

    •  Advanced safety device design

    •  Universal rated voltage for worldwide distributions

    Cat. No.


    Output Voltage / Inc

    5 – 500 / 1V

    Output Current / Inc

    1 – 800mA / 10mA



    Rated Voltage

    100-240V~: 47-60Hz

    Type of Output

    1. Voltage or Current with automatic crossover
    2. When target constant mode is set, system automatically adjusts the two other parameter to maximum to allow constant run (later could be changed by user)

    Program Storage

    30 programmed files

    Program Multi-Step

    Up to 6 steps

    Editable Program Function

    1.Typical running conditions program
    2.Manual editable program


    2.4” TFT


    Microprocessor controller

    Safety Device

    No Load detect

    Leakage detect

    Over temperature protection

    Over load detection

    Sudden load change detection(could be enabled by proper setting)

    Shrouded plugs and sockets


    Constant: 9999 (min) with alarm/ Continuous
    Program: 999 (min) with alarm/ Continuous





    Automatic Recovery After Power Failure


    Operating Temperature

    4~ 40


    PC housing and flame retardant ABS faceplate


    Approx. 8.5"x13.2"x4.1" (215 x 335 x 104 mm)


    Approx. 4.6lb (2.1 kg)

    Cat. No.



    Lively 500V Power Supply

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