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Major Science designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of mixing and temperature control equipments used throughout the world in the field of analytical, diagnostic, and research laboratory. Designed with the user’s needs in mind, our portfolio range includes dry bath incubators, ovens, shakers, and water baths. This inter-related line features consistent performance, long durability, and outstanding stability.

  • Dry Bath Incubator

    Major Science designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of thermoblock reactors used throughout the world for analytical, diagnostic and research purposes.

  • Dry Bath Block

    Major Science offers you the metallic thermal beads as an alternative to the dry bath aluminum blocks. The beads are dry metallic thermal alloy designed to replace water in a water bath and ice in an ice bucket.

  • Incubator

    The Major Science Shaking Incubator offers versatility, capacity, a wide variety of choice as well as a high degree of temperature uniformity.

  • Shaker

    The MS Shaker series is an innovative, efficient and compact instrument for any routine shaking and mixing applications needed in the field of life sciences, chemistry, analytical and research laboratories.

  • Stirring Water Bath

    The MS Stirring Water Bath series pacts with built-in thermostatic baths is an innovative line to provide precise temperature control and excellent mixing performance for a wide range of laboratory applications.