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  • Winpact Controller Selection Guide

    The vessel selection guide provides an easy to read guidance and simple idea on which vessel is suitable for your application to use.

  • Winpact Evo Fermentation System, FS-07 series

    Winpact Evo is our next generation model for the existing FS-01 and FS-02 system; it retains all the great features from FS-01 and FS-02, so you have nothing to lose.

  • Winpact One Fermentation System

    The One Fermentation System, FS-06 is compact yet provides all the necessary tools for you to run your fermentation process. All necessities such as temperature probe, anti-foam probe, pH probe and DO probe are all provided as standard package. Enjoy the most powerful small fermentation system.

  • Winpact Parallel Fermentation System

    The FS-05 series combines the advantages of both Thermostat (FS-01) and Dry Heating (FS-02) system into one, provides you the flexibility in single vessel or dual vessel mode for independent or simultaneous experimental control.

  • Winpact Solid State Fermentation System

    Winpact Solid State system is designed for the laboratory scale researches to gain the excellent results, the optimization, and for the scale up through built-in controller factors. Alike winpact series, it offers a 10.4" color touch screen with graphic user interface and 4 built-in peristaltic pumps on the Linux based operation system.