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Thermocycler, PCR workstation Major Science provides a reliable and promising PCR/amplification instrument line to suit your everyday polymerase chain reaction needs. From having a protected working area against cross-contamination with the PCR workstation to state-of-art high performance thermocyclers, this product range is perfect to use in any lab.

  • Thermal Cycler

    Major Cycler is an automated instrument designed for application in Hot Start thermal cycling reactions. Also major Cycler contains a RT program function, it is simple and convenient to run one-step RT by combining the RT program with a stored amplification reaction.

  • PCR workstation

    The Dual and Tetrad Peristaltic Pump are equipped with two and four peristaltic pumps, respectively, and can be controlled separately. Each applies digital microprocessor technology to provide more accurate rpm control and an individual timer with the alarm function is also equipped with all standard pumps.