Product Name : Photobioreactor Lighting Module, FS-O-PB
    Product Description

    Winpact offers the exclusive lighting module for our Winpact systems. Our special designed lighting module is suitable for running any photon-related lab experiments such as photosynthesis reaction. This lighting module is constructed with sleek stainless steel for better appearance and reflection when light shines through the vessel. Winpact software consists of 15 steps program, light intensity adjustment, and self-calibration mode.

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    • Utilize artificial light to simulate bio-photosynthesis reaction
    • Adjustable light intensity manually or automatically
    • Fluorescent light source
    • On-Off timer
    • Expandable up to 3 lighting modules
    • 15 steps programmable lighting schedule
    • Ideal for plant algae, or cyanobacteria experiments

    Light module

    3 Fluorescent lamps / each module

    Lamp specification

    T5/14W, Ø16 mm x L549 mm

    Light color temperature

    6500 K

    Luminous flux per lamp

    1150 lm

    Sensor type

    Light intensity sensor, photodiode

    Light intensity

    Max. 10000 lux

    Control mode

    On/off and timed control

    Expandable modules

    Up to 3 sets of the lighting modules


    (W x L x H) 200 x 326 x 648 mm


    Approx. 7 Kg / each module

    Rated voltage

    110/220V~(selectable), 50/60Hz, 5A

    Cat. No.

    Product Description


    1 Photo-Bioreactor Lighting Module


    2 Photo-Bioreactor Lighting Module


    3 Photo-Bioreactor Lighting Module

    *For best result, a minimum of 2 units of photo-Bioreactor lighting module is required.

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