Product Name : Oxygen Enrichment with Mass Flow controller, FS-O-MF
Product Description

The mass flow controller is an oxygen supplementation device for your Winpact system. It is capable of accurately adjust the flow rate of the external oxygen to control the DO level within the vessel under DO Cascade mode. It features great resistance to fluctuations in gas flow which ensures precise control and repeatability for your experimental conditions.

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• Resistant to flow variability from gas pressure changes
• Automatic control of flow rate to gas input
• Precise control of gas flow rate
• Controlled manually or via DO Cascade feature
• Hassle-free: comes built-in to the controller


Includes a manual rotameter and a mass flow controller


(1) Manual oxygen flow rate adjustment (via Mass flow controller)

(2) DO cascade control: Response to DO change

Rotameter range

1L, 3L, 5L

0 – 5 LPM


0 – 10 LPM

15L, 20L

0 - 20 LPM


Cat. No.

Product Description


Mass Flow Controller for Parallel Fermentation System, single module


Mass Flow Controller for Parallel Fermentation System, dual module


Oxygen Enrichment with Mass Flow Controller for Evo Fermentation System

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