Product Name : Temperature Probe meter, FS-A-PPT
    Product Description

    This temperature probe is placed inside of a stainless steel tube in the head plate to measure the vessel temperature while maintaining sterility. With high accuracy and proven reliability, it is appliable to all of our fermentation systems in all kinds of fermentation conditions.

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    • High accuracy PT100 sensors- Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs)
    • Customized length- we offer the most suitable probe lengths for different vessel sizes
    • Proven reliability
    • Non-autoclavable

    Housing material

    SUS304 with SUS316L thermowell

    Measuring range



     +/- 0.2°C




    Cat. No.

     Product Description


     Temperature Probe Cable


     150mm Temperature probe for 0.5L vessel


     250mm Temperature Probe for 1L, 3L vessel


     350mm Temperature Probe for 5 vessel


     400mm Temperature Probe for 10-15L vessel


     550mm Temperature Probe for 20L vessel


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