Product Name : Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System
Product Description

The MJ-105 horizontal cell offers any advantages for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gels are convenient to cast and samples are easy to load with this recognizable mini horizontal cell. Its molded design prevents cracks and leakages and the sturdy PC provides a 130°C temperature capacity. The safety interlock cover is designed to prevent electrical hazards during electrophoresis. It is ideal for several applications, including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, STS screening, microsatellite analysis, PCR fragment analysis, RFLP analysis, DNA finger-printing and High Throughput analysis.

Product Introduction

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  • Less Agarose consumption
  • Less running buffer consumption
  • Multichannel pipette-compatible
  • Single molded tank
  • Two tank color options available
  • Safety & Ventilation lid
  • Contains 2 sets of gel maker stand
  • Cast 6 pcs of agarose gel in one time
  • High temperature capability, 130゚C
  • Easy sample loading
  • Great indications for gel making and running
  • No tapes, clamps or springs needed for gel casting
 Cat. No.  MJ-105-S MJ-105-R
 Appearance Snow tank  & transparent lid Transparent red tank & lid
 Construction PC(Polycarbonate)
 Temperature Capacity 130 C
 Unit Dimension  W140 x D140 x H53mm
 Gel Dimension   W52 x L60mm
W107 x L60mm
 Maximum Gel Thickness 10mm
 Maximum Sample 25 samples
 Buffer Volume 200ml
 Lid Safety and ventilation
 Tray   Black well-visualization strip
Migration distance index line
Agarose level, 5mm
 Rapid Casting Gel Use gel maker stand
 Cat. No  Description
 MJ-105-S  Snow Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis System
 MJ-105-R  Red Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis System
 Single Electrophoresis Packages
 MJS-100P  Package of MJ-105-S and MP-100
 MJS-Mini300  Package of MJ-105-S and Mini-300
 MJR-100P  Package of MJ-105-R and MP-100
 MJR-Mini300  Package of MJ-105-R and Mini-300
 Dual Electrophoresis Packages
 MJSS-Mini300  Package of  2 x MJ-105-S and Mini300
 MJST-Mini300  Package of MJ-105-S & MT-108 and Mini300
 MJSR-Mini300  Package of MJ-105-S & MJ-105-R and Mini300
 MJRR-Mini300  Package of  2 x MJ-105-R and Mini300
 MJRT-Mini300  Package of MJ-105-R & MT-108 and Mini300

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 Cat. No  Description
 MJ-B01-S  Snow tank and lid, without accessories
 MJ-B01-R  Red tank and lid, without accessories
 MJ-G01  Gel Maker Stand
 MJ-T01  52 x 60 mm Tray
 MJ-T02  107 x 60 mm Tray
 MJ-C01    Analytical Comb
 8 teeths x 2 for mini gel & 17 teeths for midi gel (thick: 1.0mm),
 12 teeths x 2 for midi gel & 25 teeths for midi gel(thick: 1.5mm)
 MT-C03   Analytical Comb 1.0mm-thick
 (multiple pipetee compatible 23 teeth, Prep 1 & Maker 2, Prep 2 & Maker 2 on one side; 6 teeth  
 x 2 for mini gel & 12 teeth for midi gel on the other side)
 MT-P01  Power Cord (Black & Red)
 MJ-CASTER-C  2 x MJ-G01; 4 x MJ-T01; 2 x MJ-T02; 1 x MJ-C01 and 1 x MT-C03